BioRaptr™ 2 FRD Dispenser

LGR's BioRaptr 2 FRD Dispenser offers precise dispensing, dispense-on-the-fly, and all the great features of the current system plus all new controls and software. Yes, we are bringing the BioRaptr back with all the great features of the curent BioRaptr, and this BioRaptr 2 FRD is able to run your current dispense files.

Calibration Station is available, automation robotic friendly. The software is all developed at LGR and provides a friendly web interface. Plate Types: 96, 384, 1536, 3456, and other types or patterns can be setup with advance dispense "CSV" files.

BioRaptr 2 with Cover ClosedBioRaptr 2 with Cover Open


Key Features

  • Dispense on the fly for speed
  • 8 Channels standard, many options no valve types available
  • All hardware provided, including valves, computer, monitor and keyboard
  • Advanced electronics with new features developed by LGR
  • Calibration station, using precision scale to calibrate valves over a wide volume range
  • Ask about a Retrofit on existing BioRaptr