The Let's Go Robotics team has broad experience in developing and delivering process automation systems. Following the development of an overall project plan, the team will bring together the specified technologies and control software to deliver against the plan.

During implementation, Let's Go Robotics:


  1. Fully documents your process
  2. Brings together the necessary technologies
  3. Develops control software specific to the project
  4. Integrates robotic and motion control systems with lab instrumentation
  5. Develops acceptance test plans
  6. Customizes training materials and documentation
  7. Performs Quality Control audits

Throughout the implementation process, Let's Go Robotics uses a disciplined and documented approach to ensure the highest quality. The tools employed include: Quality Control checklist, manufacturing notebook, fully documented revision control, and detailed component tracking.

Once implementation is complete, Let's Go Robotics will schedule a time with the customer for a factory acceptance test and/or site test following the installation.