LGR Autolab

The "LGR-AutoLab™" can utilize existing, new or used equipment to automate your laboratory processes. The system is reliable, low cost and supports a wide variety of devices. Automating your lab will reduce the chance of human error, increase productivity and create a single software interface from which to control multiple devices.


Process Automation

“LGR-AutoLab™” can grow from a simple robotic instrument plate loader to eventually running a variety of processes simultaneously on a collection of instruments with our efficient scheduler.

Software Capabilities

The “LGR-AutoLab™” is built around a powerful database and provides highly efficient preemptive response and event driven scheduling.

Single Software Interface

The “LGR-AutoLab™” software presents the operator with a single interface for full control and monitoring of your process from job creation to job completion. View the system locally on the system workstation, remotely over your company network, or login securely from the Internet.


  • Supports more than 200 Instruments from most manufacturers
  • Rapid assay development
  • Increase plate throughput
  • Minimize downtime
  • Parallel processing on multiple instruments
  • Custom instrument available



  View the LGR AutoLab™ Brochure