Precise Drop Dispenser

Precise Drop™ Micro-Dispensing Systems

Precise Drop dispensers represent the latest in engineering design and technology, developed by experts in robotic control and laboratory automation. Our team has decades of experience in life science robotics, engineering custom projects and science to meet customer needs.

Precise Drop systems package this expertise into a line of flexible dispensers for both benchtop and full production users. These dispensers are designed and engineered to be compact, low cost and fully customizable.

Precise Drop Lite controlled via a tablet

Key Features

  • Benchtop, work cell or full laboratory deployment
  • Wide range of substrates, microwell plates and membranes
  • Volumes from 50nL (or less) to 650µL; bulk fill to 2mL (drops to bulk fill)
  • High throughput, precision and accuracy
  • 1 to 16 (or more) independent dispensing channels
  • Software browser-based recipe, protocol and device control

Precise Software and Dispense Control

Precise Drop delivers unparalleled flexibility, with a self-contained browser-based control system and software that scales right along with the system. Pick the configuration you need now; the software remains the same regardless of system as you grow. Add channels, change your substrate, and integrate into a larger system. The control system and software remains the same.

Each dispense channel has its own dedicated microcontroller, providing independent control and easy scalability. Channels can be coordinated, individually timed, or timed based upon some external event. This is critical for both multi-well dispenses and for multi-line dispense on membrane.

Each channel can dispense different volumes using identical or different size valves. Proper current drive control to each valve ensures that the valves last longer, deliver consistent results, and avoid overheating. Axis speed is fast while allowing settling between positions.

The software interface is browser-based, allowing operators to set up protocols and recipes using a smartphone, iPad, netbook, laptop, computer or any other web-based device. In addition, Precise Drop can interface to SiLA and TCP/IP socket.

Operators use the advanced software interface to:

  • Develop protocols/methods for dispensing
  • Create simple and advanced recipes from CSV input
  • Control valves and calibrations, with each channel fully adjustable
  • Define XYZ location
  • Move dispense head to wash, prime and clean station
  • Track users and system error logs
  • Define access and permissions
  • Access online system help

Precise Drop combines the best of control and flexibility in a low cost, compact platform. Try it to see how easy it is to setup and use.

Precise Drop Dispenser Configurations

Precise Drop dispensers provide great flexibility and accurate dispensing at an attractively low cost. Choose the number of channels and reagents. Configure the dispense platform. Run as a benchtop appliance or as part of a full lab automation system. Start small and grow as needed, all with the same control system.

  • Precise Drop Lite system for lab testing and small runs, quick to setup and use
  • Precise Drop Standard system with 8 channels
  • Precise Drop Extended system with 16 channels, with robot loading and vacuum aspirate option
  • Precise Drop OEM configured for customer's requirements

Every Precise Drop system scales exactly, with consistent results and no new learning curve.

Precise Drop Lite

Precise Drop Standard (8 channels) and Precise Drop Extended (16 channels)

Precise Drop OEM

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