LGR Electric Servo Gripper

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The Gripster™

LGR’s patent pending "The Gripster™" features object detection without the use of sensors. 


  • Electric DC Servo Motor Control
  • Detects Plates/Objects gripped without the need for a sensor
  • Serial, DLL Driver, ReTiSoft Genera Driver, or Digital I/O Control
  • Landscape and Portrait Labware Gripping
  • 72mm of Travel - Closed Loop Travel
  • Adjustable Gripping forces
  • Three Discrete 24Vdc Inputs, NPN Inputs
  • Two Discrete 24Vdc Outputs, NPN
  • Encoder Feedback
  • Worm Gear Drive Act as Brake with Power Lost
  • Gripper Finger Manual Release with Allen wrench
  • External Push to test and Home Switch, Release Plate


  • Patent Pending Part Gripped Detection without a Sensor
  • Reliable Precision Linear Bearing Operation
  • Low Backlash Drive Mechanism
  • Accurate Positioning of Fingers 
  • Drop-in integration into all communication environments
  • Software Configurable Gripping Force
  • Home Gripper in Open Position, does not crush your plate
  •  Low Power and No External Heating, it stays Cool


Need a custom gripper? Let the LGR Team customize the design. Our gripper design is simple and robust and can be easily modified to meet your gripping needs. 

  *All dimensions in Millimeters (mm)      

*LGR's Gripster™ with Collision Sensor

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