PinTool Dispenser


Introducing a new LGR PinTool Dispenser™


LGR PinTool Dispenser™


The LGR PinTool Dispenser™ for 96, 384 and 1536 plate type is a simple and low-cost PinTool dispensing system, with wash and blot stations on board along with 9 deck plate positions configurable.   This system uses the V&P Scientific™  Pin's which allows this system to be configured to meet your plate type and volumes.

With an open footprint, the LGR PinTool Dispenser™ can be configured to fit your needs with existing integration. A 2-Axis robot arm provides plate storage, with exceptional reliability and low maintenance. A simple XZ head design allows fast, accurate, high throughput for dispensing and washing.


LGR PinTool Dispenser™ with V&P Scientific™ Pins

Key Features

  • A simple solution to fully automating micro-well plate replication
  • Customized for all plate types 96, 384 and 1536


Custom LGR PinTool Dispenser™ configured with Zymark Twister I Robot


Custom LGR PinTool Dispenser™ Software configured with Zymark Twister I Robot


Software Capabilities

  • LGR-Software Graphic User Interface to setup the protocol
  • Provides highly efficient response driven scheduling
  • Presents the operator with a single interface for full control and process monitoring
  • Multiple security access levels
  • Customizable replication sequence
  • Can be integrated with leading scheduling software



LGR PinTool Dispenser™ - Front View



Dimensions (L x W x H) 65" x 32" x 50"