LGR Pneumatic Gripper

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The Let's Go Robotics Pneumatic Gripper features a low profile design to save space and minimize bending motions. Gripper fingers are guided by precision ball bearing guides for precise movement. Dual piston air cylinders provide high gripping force when needed. Long stock fingers allow gripping labware in both Landscape and Portrait orientation. Custom design includes top and back mounting options. 

Let the LGR Pneumatic Gripper be the solution to your demanding requirements and application needs.         



  • Landscape and Portrait gripping
  • 62 mm of travel
  • Simple pneumatic integration
  • Three gripper position sensor outputs
  • Multiple air port locations
  • Top and Back Mounting option
  • Removable Fingers


  • Robust Design
  • Precise Gripping Movement
  • Spring Loaded Intermediate Positions


  • Multiple sensor output types (NPN, PNP, Relay)
  • Optional Collision Sensor
  • Robot Mounting Plates available


Does the LGR Pneumatic Gripper not fit your application? Let the LGR Team customize the design. Our gripper design is simple and robust and can be easily modified to meet your gripping needs.


              *All dimensions in Millimeters (mm)


Overall Dimension
Air Pressure
Sensor Voltage
Sensor Output
48 x 28.3 x 152.7 mm
62 mm
.72 kb
60 - 90 psi
3 Million Cycles
Top & Back Mounting
10-28 VDC
NPN, PNP, Switch


 *All Dimensions in millimeters (mm)

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