OVERLORD™ software allows the control of multiple instruments from one PC. OVERLORD™ operates in Windows 2000/XP environments with an easy to use drag and drop interface. Even the most complex system is easy to program and the most complex instrumentation is easy to integrate. Overlord currently supports over 200 instrument drivers from manufacturers like:

  • Abgene
  • Apricot
  • Beckman
  • Caliper
  • Denso Robot
  • Hamilton
  • Hudson
  • Kendro
  • Keyence
  • Labcyte
  • Matrix/Robbins/Apogent
  • Perkin Elmer Life Sciences
  • Tecan
  • Thermo
  • Thermo Labsystems
  • Agligent (Velocity 11)

With OverLords intuitive and easy to learn interface and setup, current projects running on OverLord today can be expanded and updated tomorrow. This can give you more flexibility in the future and allow you keep the box open.

LGR is now supporting OVERLORD3


•A single product that allows the user to automate the assay in either Event driven or Static/Dynamic
•Can handle multiple processes
•Simple method development using a flowchart that will be familiar to all scientists
•Will use the established .NET Framework