Peak Robotics



The KiNEDx Series Cylindrical Robot 

  • 4-and 5- Axis Robots Available
  • Tri-Link arm provides a superior extended reach to access liquid handler decks and can retract in on itself to clear peripheral equipment. 
  • High Payload and Excellent Repeatability
  • Compact
  • Programming is very flexible thanks to the open-architecture software.
  • A generic DLL is provided with several options for integration and scheduling.
  • All joints are servo’d with controllers and amplifiers integral to each motor.
  • A single RS-232 serial cable connects between the robot and the user PC
  • Designed for demanding applications, these robots are perfect for many laboratory and high-tech applications such as drug discovery, genomics, and high throughput screening.

General Specifications 


General Specifications
Horizontal Travel 300 mm (11.8"0
Horizontal Reach 417 mm (16.4"0
Vertical Travel
  Standard-Z 440 mm (17.3") - Fits under a hood
  Extended-Z 660 mm (26.0")
Overall Height
  Standard-Z 705 mm (27.8") - Fits under a hood
  Extended-Z 925 mm (36.4")
Payload 2 kg (4.4 lb)
Weight 17 kg (38 lb)

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