Scheduling Software

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Scheduling software is the organized way to tie together disparate technologies, instrumentation, robotics, and components. While these technologies provide the infrastructure, scheduling software tells the infrastructure how to behave.

Using scheduling software, those working in the lab can:

  • Start, sequence and stop the process
  • Visualize the process
  • Schedule a dynamic process
  • Utilize XML work lists
  • Get status information
  • Make changes to process timing
  • Temporarily remove a process step
  • Take advantage of database-driven software

Let’s Go Robotics developed this custom scheduler to operate with the Overlord Workstation Software. This provides overall control of the initial workcell, and a higher level of control of the entire system. Let’s Go Robotics also provides a customized package that features an enhanced Graphical User Interface. This improves the operator’s ability to monitor the process and provide an emergency notification capability in case of a major system failure.

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