The table below contains the most current information on trademarks claimed by Let's Go Robotics, Incorporated. 




Let's Go Robotics


Company Name

Let's Control Software

Control Software

The Gripster™         ™ Company Product
Autolab™         ™ Company Product
LiquiPick™         ™ Company Product
LGR Carousel™         ™ Company Product
LGR Surf Timer™         ™ Company Product
I/O Control Switch Box™         ™ Company Product 
LGR T5 Robot™         ™ Company Product

The absence of a name or logo in this list does not constitute a waiver of any and all intellectual property rights that Let's Go Robotics, Incorporated has established in any of its product, feature, or service names or logos. The status column refers to the status of the trademark in the United States and/or other countries.

Other Company Trademarks

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